And it suddenly got a whole lot worse...

The name's Lizzie. 15. I'm Pansexual and in a relationship. I live in Minnesota. My mind has been fucked up since summer 2011. I haven't cut any part of my body since May 1st. I'm trying so hard to stay strong. If I can, you can too. To know me, you have to know that I'm in love with... Drawing. Photography. Reading. Writing. Marc Jacobs Perfume. White roses. Giraffes. Flamingos. Leggings. Piercings. Tattoos. Moccasins. Huf socks. Zebra & cheetah print. Hello Kitty. Bring me the horizon. And going on adventures while high. I'm good at giving advice, so feel free to ask me anything. Stay strong, lovelies.. <3

My Mind Is My Worst Enemy // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare)

(via clueless-teen4ger)

I have physical scars all over my body, but it’s the mental scars I’m worried about anyone seeing.
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